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Aerospike Database VM

A flash-optimized, in-memory key-value NoSQL database
Start your project with a database proven at the highest levels of performance with proven multi-year uptime. Aerospike is the high performance NoSQL database that delivers speed and scale for your operational database needs.

Some of the features of the Open Source Community version the ability to automatically:

  • Synchronously replicate data to multiple servers
  • Distribute data evenly to all servers in the database
  • Failover to replicated servers if the primary is unavailable
  • Rebalance data when new servers are added to the cluster
The default configuration of the VM is to use RAM to store data, but you may also elect to use instances with SSDs to store data. Idiomatic client drivers are available for most languages, including Java, C, C#, Python, PHP, Ruby, and others --- as well as connectors to JDBC, Hadoop, Spark, and Storm to integrate with your analytics systems.