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aiVideo - OTT video at wire speeds with no errors

aiVideo uses dynamic caching for live video streaming acceleration at scale.

aiVideo allows you to place multiple dynamic video caching endpoints on AWS networks around the globe. In conjunction with Route 53, your customers will be served from the closest server, reducing the video startup time and minimizing buffering.

aiVideo> dynamic caching keeps your video content fresh to the second, while reducing load on the origin servers, giving your customer a superior streaming experience. aiVideo supports programatic removal of stale video content across the cluster and automatic protection from DDoS attacks.

aiVideo has been independently tested at multiple Gigabits per second for video content.

aiVideo uses sophisticated load balancing technology, provides Disaster Recovery capability, with automatic failover to an alternate video stream.

aiVideo is easily deployed, can be set up in minutes and only charges you for time used, with no minimums and no term commitments.

We support Highly Available deployment and can help you configure your Azure systems to guarantee uptime. In addition we provide 2 hours of free deployment support. Please contact us for a free technical consult.

For more information check out our video, BYOL pricing and getting started guide.