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AllDigital Brevity
High speed upload with N-Series GPU hardware accelerated video transcoding
Brevity on Microsoft Azure automates the transportation and encoding of video assets to and from the Azure Cloud at high speeds. Brevity leverages the Azure N-Series instances to enable hardware accelerated transcoding and high speed uploads. The Brevity client and system users are free! There is no surcharge on the bandwidth you use. There are no per minute encoding fees. There are no additional fees for use of the API or other features. You only pay for The Brevity Server Software which is billed as part of your Azure subscription. Optional customized enterprise support packages are available. SPEED YOUR UPLOADS AND DOWNLOADS ON AZURE BY 40% OR MORE REDUCE TRANSCODE TIMES BY HALF OR MORE Key features of Brevity include: N-Series GPU Accelerated transcoding and high speed transport Video encoding to and from over 300 formats including many professional video formats Secure delivery between cloud and on-prem instances Download the free Brevity application to easily manage workflows Output your assets directly to Azure File Storage Developer tools for API integration with your existing workflows Please visit for documentation and tutorials