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Brocade CloudTAP

Brocade Communications Systems
A Brocade vRouter 5600 based CloudTAP solution providing remote packet replication for analysis

Brocade Cloudtap

Brocade CloudTAP provides traffic replication for analysis along with high performance advanced routing. Brocade CloudTAP is the Brocade Vyatta Network OS deployed as a VM. It is purpose built for virtualization and cloud, providing the best performance for virtual networking services in cloud networks. The services it provides include:

  • Monitoring – Ability to replicate traffic using ERSPAN and send to a local or on-premise collector. It can be combined with other monitoring capabilities, like IPFIX or Netflow for flow monitoring, TWAMP for IP SLA measurement, SNMP, Syslog
  • Advanced Routing – IPv4, IPv6 routing, routing protocols like RIP, OSPF, BGP; static and policy based routing (PBR)
  • Firewall - L2-L4 stateful and Zone based Firewall, Packet filters
  • Network Address Translation – Source and destination NAT functionality
  • VPN Gateway - SSL VPN secure cloud access, IPsec secure DC to Cloud or cloud to cloud secure connectivity

Brocade CloudTAP is launched with Brocade CloudTAP ARM Template. Other features can be provisioned by CLI or APIs to the VM.

Note:Brocade CloudTAP VM is currently supported only on F-series platforms on VM sizes with at least 4 cores.