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HushHush SSIS Data Masking Components

SQL server 2012 sp2 with SSIS and HushHush data masking components R 1.2.7
HushHush Data Masking components are an easy and fast way to de-identify sensitive data in the enterprise. Integrating into SSIS, they natively compliment SQL Server SDLC capabilities and allow to mask sensitive data in databases and files while providing enterprise-wide referential integrity. Use a variety of algorithms satisfying multiple scenarios, including Safe Harbor of HIPAA eighteen elements rules, GLBA, PCI, and multiple state compliance regulations. There is practically no learning curve for the practitioner. Install, drag, drop and click - all it takes to develop the solution. Anonymize names, elements of address, dates, phone/fax numbers, emails, urls, company, url, numeric/money, SSN, SIN, credit card numbers, generic alphanumeric, IP, VIN, generic shuffle and substitution components. The algorithms include random substitution, referential-integrity preserving substitution, date and number variance, character substitution, shuffling and generic substition with custom data sets. Using SSIS allows further data rules modifications. De-identify any database with ODBC, OLE DB, and ADO.Net connectors, such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, mySQL, Postgress, Access, Sybase, and files. Completely automate and schedule workflows and get reports for the audits. Pay as you go.