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HyperForm is a governance, deployment automation & life-cycle management platform for Docker apps.
HyperForm, the core DevOps and Cloud Automation engine in HyperCloud, enables consistent deployment, security policy enforcement, visibility, and governance for all applications, running on premises or in the cloud. It provides a self-service model that empowers users to provision infrastructure and Docker containers on-demand on HyperGrid, Hyper-V, vSphere, OpenStack, Azure, AWS or 10 other clouds. What distinguishes this platform is is the ability to modernize existing legacy applications without making a single code change and using the existing skill sets within your organization. The on-the-fly containerization capabilities allow users to “lift and shift” existing Java and .NET applications to containers while taking care of the complex application dependencies, automatic service discovery, auto-scaling and integration with any external service (e.g., storage, networking, logging, etc.). With HyperForm, organizations can automate not just the VM or application provisioning, but the approval workflows and granular entitlements needed to provide personalized services to meet unique IT and business needs.