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DC/OS is a production proven solution to run containers and Big Data workloads.
Modern apps include containers of microservices and stateful big data services. DC/OS (Datacenter Operating System) is the world’s first and only fully open source platform enabling enterprises to easily build and run modern apps in production. Built on Apache Mesos, DC/OS abstracts your datacenter into a single computer, pooling distributed workloads and simplifying rollout and operations. DC/OS offers a rich Web-based GUI and a powerful CLI. DC/OS can be used for container orchestratation (similar to Kubernetes and Docker Swarm) and to build cloudnative stateless and stateful apps, deploy distributed systems (from NoSQL databases to processing engines) and offers 12-factor apps natively. The DC/OS Universe is a collection of services and apps including but not limited to Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Jenkins PostgreSQL, and Zeppelin that can be installed via one click or a single CLI command.