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N|Solid Runtime

N|Soild is the the Node.js runtime built for Enterprise-grade Node.js applications.

The N|Solid runtime provides the following key benefits when running your Node.js apps:

  • Secure: Protect your Node.js applications with N|Solid's real-time security vulnerability scanning, customizable security policies to lock down your runtime, and 24-hour guaranteed response to security updates.
  • Reliable: Cut down time to issue resolution and identify bottlenecks in your application's code with N|Solid's enhanced CPU profiling and visualizations, heap snapshots, and exclusive asynchronous activity data.
  • Extensible: Expand your Node.js toolset with N|Solid's customizable threshold monitoring and notifications, real-time application metrics, and integration tools to connect with APM and other monitoring tools.
Usage Instructions

Once this VM is provisioned, you can run your apps using either the nsolid or node (which is an alias for nsolid) commands. In order to connect this N|Solid Runtime instance to your N|Solid Console VM, make sure to set the following environment variables to reference the correct IP:port combination:


For all other management needs (e.g. installing additional dependencies), you can simply SSH into the machine.