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Deep Security Manager

Trend Micro
Get proactive protection for your Azure workloads & hybrid networks with Trend Micro Deep Security.

Built to work seamlessly with Azure, Deep Security provides a complete suite of security capabilities for your virtual machines:

  • Prevent network attacks with Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS/IPS).
  • Accelerate PCI-DSS and other compliance requirements with multiple security controls.
  • Automate security with powerful, fully scriptable security controls.

Pricing information: Depending on the number of workloads you want to protect, you choose a matching Virtual Machine size (min. of 25 VMs):

  • 25 agents - choose VM size D2_V2
  • 50 agents - choose VM size D3_V2
  • 100 agents - choose VM size D4_V2
  • 200 agents - choose VM size D5_V2

Learn more at or email us at for help sizing your Deep Security deployment.

Free 30-Day Trial

Try Deep Security free for 30 days. There will be no hourly software charges for 30 days, but Azure infrastructure charges still apply. Free Trials will automatically convert to a paid subscription upon expiration.


Release notes: last updated August 5, 2016

Version: 9.6.22191

Available on Azure Marketplace Since: 04/29/2016

UPGRADE AVAILABLE: For latest upgrade information and instructions on upgrading your Deep Security Manager see the Helpful Links below.