AISHU M365 Protection Service


AISHU M365 Protection Service


Cost-Effective Microsoft 365 Protection Service,enabling Data Security and Compliance on the Cloud.

As a member of AISHU Data-as-a-Service, AISHU M365 Protection Service focuses on providing cost-effective, secure and compliant data protection solutions for Microsoft 365. It can protect most applications and data in Microsoft 365, including Exchange Online, which is frequently used by enterprises, Teams, which has become more and more popular recently, as well as SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Group, etc.

Microsoft 365 Protection Service adopts the Your-Data architecture of AISHU Data-as-a-Service, providing the ability to integrate data security, any cloud data access, cross-cloud data search, and cross-cloud data flow. At the same time, Microsoft 365 Protection Service adopts Pay for Performance to minimize the purchase cost of customers, and compatible with lower-cost storage to help customers reduce storage costs.

Extensive Backup & Recovery Options

1. AISHU supports to back up Microsoft 365 data to Microsoft Azure (same region/cross-region) or other public cloud object storage, so as to achieve off-site data copy retention.

2. Customers can choose either full backup or incremental backup, as well as data source filtering backup to meet different backup needs.

3. Full recovery and granular recovery are both supported, and the recovery destination is also flexible. For example, Exchange Online can be recovered to Exchange Online or local Exchange Server.

Data Security Assurance

During the data backup and recovery process, data encryption is supported to ensure data security in all aspects. For object storage and the backup data in it, a variety of security protection measures are provided, including WORM or object lock, to ensure the immutability of storage and effectively prevent backup data from being infected by ransomware. At the same time, for data in object storage, it can support AES256 encryption algorithm or SM4 encryption algorithm, which can not only effectively prevent data leakage, but also meet the needs of different scenarios. In order to ensure that the data is safe, customers can also use the 3-2-1 data retention policy to copy the backup data to the off-site storage media.

Data Archive & Advanced Search

AISHU M365 Protection Service supports data archiving function. Customers can label and classify data according to data categories, and also configure time-based archiving policies. For instance, data under a certain category will be automatically archived to object storage if it exceeds 30 days, achieving intelligent, automated archive management.

When customers need e-discovery, they can perform advanced searches on raw data, or archived data in object storage, such as searching for emails based on sender, recipient, searching for folders or files based on keywords, modification time, etc. , and customers can also preview data or export with custom templates.

Better Cost-Effectiveness

AISHU M365 Protection Service adopts Pay for Performance model that generates bills based on the number of users you actually protect per day, paying only for protected data and successful recovery. You no longer need to forecast future growth, and you don't need to pay for possibly inaccurate estimates. You only need to pay for your actual usage, completely avoiding the waste of resources caused by traditional payment models. Not only that, with Microsoft 365 Protection Service, cold data in hot storage can be migrated to low-cost storage to meet the challenges of data explosion brought about by rapid business growth and further reduce costs.