F5 Platform

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F5 Platform

ООО "М5"

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F5 Platform

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F5 Platform is powerful data analytics framework which lets you build business applications fast and provide valuable insights for business. It contains flexible tools which cover all the stages of data analytics.F5 Platform has build-in connectors for various sources: DBMS, cloud storages, data streams and even files. Preprocessing tools help to clean, label and monitor data quality. Pipeline manager lets you easily build custom data processing scenarios and apply expert rules and mathematical models to incoming data. The result of data analysis could be either displayed on dashboard or transferred in existing IT environment.

F5 Platform is created for capital-intensive medium-sized and large industrial enterprises. You can create applications for predictive maintenance, equipment efficiency and product quality control, internal process optimization and other cases where extracting value from data can help make balanced decisions. Platform's key users are system administrators, analysts, data scientists and domain experts.

Large enterprises face with typical problems which make building analytical applications a difficult task:

- big amount of distributed data sources in variety of IT systems;

- independent local automation systems without centralized management;

- lack of data quality control;

- internal business customers expect fast results from people responsible for digital transformation (typically CDOs);

F5 Platform can eliminate mentioned problems and makes building business applications easy and fast. It brings the necessary data from local systems, checks its quality, cleans it, applies advanced analytical algorithms, including machine learning and provides valuable insights for business.