Optimizely Customer-Centric Digital Experience


Optimizely Customer-Centric Digital Experience


Optimizely Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform

As a marketer, it can be difficult to give customers an engaging, consistent experience on different devices and between visits. Optimizely (previously Episerver) Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform is a .NET CMS platform that runs on Azure. The best digital experiences begin by learning from your customers, gaining their trust, and using superior intelligence to help serve them.

Content Cloud: Best-in-class CMS

  • Build customer-centric marketing strategies
  • Automate engagement with each customer
  • Rapidly adapt to changes in the market

Commerce Cloud: Lead the change in shopping behavior

  • Delight customers throughout search, research, purchase and nurture
  • Support physical locations with a digital channel
  • Easily integrate your in-house systems using the App Marketplace

Intelligence Cloud: Intelligent engagement

  • Easily test and optimize for your goals
  • Give customers automated 1:1 recommendations
  • Take action with unified reporting

Extensible API

The best experiences are connected and unified. Optimizely shares content, product data and customer behavior with your existing infrastructure.
Driving great results
The entire platform is built to deliver great digital experiences for your customers and drive improved results for your business.

A Cloud Platform ready to grow with you

Optimizely's cloud offering delivers elastic scalability, super high speed, robust security, and a managed service with expert support. All built on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. You no longer have to carefully plan your IT infrastructure all at once, but can adapt to new opportunities as they arise.