Actifile Guardrail-Secure Data on 0 Trust Devices


Actifile Guardrail-Secure Data on 0 Trust Devices


Enabling employees & business partners, to securely use corporate data taken from any application

As organizations move more applications to the cloud and employ remote workers and 3rd parties using zero trust devices, they lose data visibility and control outside the applications. Actifile's Guardrail unique low footprint technology enables secure data usage of corporate data taken from any application or data source, whether or not the organization manages these applications. Guardrail complements and integrates with existing solutions, such as DLP or CASB, but can function without them.

Actifile addresses the challenge of securing data usage on zero trust devices by:

  1. Measuring the liability associated with company data stored locally or transferred to external clouds or other users.
  2. Transparently securing the company's data when stored locally (for both transient or longer-term storage) or when transferred to untrusted clouds and/or recipients.
  3. Providing liability reducing controls such as remote wipe to address excessive risk, lost endpoints and/or employee turnover

How Actifile Guardrail Works

Actifile Guardrail is a lightweight application (<15 MB), is installed locally on the device (can be installed using automatic deployment tools) and managed using a cloud SaaS based module. Small footprint policies allow tether-less functionality (does not require directory integration), and SSO integration alleviates the need for policy writing. Actifile differentiates corporate data from other data, monitors select corporate data sources (cloud, intranet and applications) for sensitive data, tracks the sensitive data as it is used by different applications, uses an inheritance function to persist even when data is shared out-of-band. In addition, Actifile Guardrail uses transparent encryption, to secure the data without changing the way the users work with the data.

Actifile Guardrail Solution Benefits

  1. Reduces liability: Addresses the liabilities created by data that is outside trusted applications, in all transient states.
  2. Helps leverage the gig-economy: Work securely and productively with all types of employees including those who work outside of the organization
  3. Helps addresses the insider threats: Solve the problem of employee hoarding and carelessness.
  4. Gain visibility: of your sensitive data, outside applications

Actifile Guardrail Advantages

  1. Zero Trust: Work with unmanaged endpoints outside your secured perimeter
  2. Zero configuration: Just click on data sources to discover and protect
  3. Non-intrusive: Actifile has no effect on the corporate and users' way-of-doing-business. Users continue working with their favorite application, while Actifile Guardrail transparently works in the background.