AIMMO Enterprise - AI Data Annotation Platform

AIMMO Co., Ltd.

AIMMO Enterprise - AI Data Annotation Platform

AIMMO Co., Ltd.

Accelerate your AI modeling with AIMMO’s hassle-free data labeling / annotation platform

AIMMO is a fast-growing AI data labeling solution provider for a tool platform and a turn-key-based service. AIMMO Enterprise is a web-based platform for collaborating and managing self-service data labeling projects. AIMMO also provides a quality guaranteed labeling service equipped with a skilled labeler team and Deep Learning-based smart labeling tools. AIMMO has established robust computer vision annotation capabilities including, but not limited to, sensor fusion, and 3D point cloud. AIMMO differentiates its platform with various useful features developed based on hands-on experience to satisfy every stakeholder - data scientists, project managers, and labelers.

What AIMMO Enterprise offers:

Web-based light platform

  • No Installation
  • No coding skills required
  • Straightforward GUI

Deep learning-based smart labeling tools 

  • Model customization available

Microsoft Azure integration

  • Easy & secure data management

  • Real-time analytics

  • Dashboard shows annotation progress, each labeler’s hours worked and accuracy

  • Optimized assignment

    • Based on the analytics, find the best fit labelers for your next project

    Real-time communications

    • Exchange Q&A comments with labelers in real-time

    Sharable project link

    • Easily share your project status with the outside using a web link

    Labeling workforce service (on demand)

    • Quality guarantee by AIMMO's seasoned experts

    Who should use AIMMO Enterprise? Is your AI project: 

    • Having challenges in data collection, labeling, and quality check for improving AI model performance
    • Inefficiently delayed due to complex and imperfect guidelines, requiring multiple modifications in the middle
    • Overwhelmed by inconsistent labeling quality among numerous labelers
    • On a tight deadline, but requiring an excellent quality at the same time

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    This application is available in English / Korean / Japanese.