CoroPlus® Machining Foresight

Aktiebolaget Sandvik Coromant

CoroPlus® Machining Foresight

Aktiebolaget Sandvik Coromant

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CoroPlus® Machining Foresight is a data driven software products which supports customer in increasing factory output through automation, delivering high quality component, produce parts according to volume, time and quality as promised to their customer in a secure and simple way

CoroPlus® Machining Foresight performs analysis throughout the manufacturing value chain; from design and planning to machining and verification. Generates real-time and historic process reports based on data from machine tools, cutting tools and other manufacturing software​. Some of its features are:

Machining Traceability

  • Traceability feature on how components are made
  • Technical details and method data on machining which helps user fine tune the machining method​

Tool usage and prediction 

  • Tool wear details  
  • Predicts the estimated remaining tool life
  • Better inventory planning and understanding of the tool pattern

Quality and Waste 

  • Trace the machining operation and the manufactured parts, as well as the tool and the material used
  • Predictively adjust or change a tool based on historical breakage data and usage in different machines and operations to identify anomalies early​

Machining utilization 

  • Understanding on the overall equipment effectiveness
  • Identify the gaps which causes low utilization figures
  • Cycle time analytics on each work order optimizing the machining operations