CloudCADI - One-stop Cloud FinOps Tool

Amadis Technologies Inc

CloudCADI - One-stop Cloud FinOps Tool

Amadis Technologies Inc

Are you an enterprise looking for cloud cost optimization?

What is CloudCADI?

CloudCADI(Cognitive and Actionable Data Insights) is a complete cloud FinOps solution enabling clients to leverage their cloud environment and SPEND RIGHT. Our product brings financial prudence to cross-functional teams mapping their cloud decisions to finance.

Who can use it?
CloudCADI can be used by all business entities who consume cloud components across various line-of-business groups. It aids all three levels of hierarchy like:
  • Business and operations team
  • Cloud engineering team
  • Finance team

What are the primary cost optimization challenges?

Enterprises face many challenges during cloud optimization like multi-vendor resource costing models and comparison, lack of transparent cost monitoring, loss of control over cloud asset growth, delay in problem identification, and more.

Key Benefits:
  • Financial Prudence: Empower cloud practitioners with the ability to control cloud bills and allocate spending only to assets that add real value.
  • Optimized Cloud Assets: Enhance cloud performance with assured optimization of cloud assets.
  • Cognitive Insights: Leverage cognitive and actionable insights for data-driven decisions in cloud optimization strategy.
  • Unified Monitoring: Monitor all cloud assets seamlessly under a unified pane.
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Promote collaboration across teams with a unified ecosystem, fostering contributions from every department.
  • Empowered Engineers: Provide the engineering team with enhanced financial visibility and control over cloud expenditure.

Key Features

CloudCADI is an ideal solution for all these challenges that facilitates self-service analytics, granular insights with drill-down options, showback features to find the lowest individual unit responsible, and actionable recommendations for quicker optimization. Features include,

  • Cloud-native: CloudCADI resides within the customers’ cloud environment without any external agents, eliminating security threats.
  • Externalized business rule engine: It allows users to customize the rules as per their unique requirements.
  • Actionable recommendations: It’s intelligent recommendation engine helps businesses to optimize cloud resources with actionable recommendations.
  • Chargeback/Visibility/Showback: Granular insights identify where the cost originated to provide accountability.
  • End-to-end automation: It facilitates the seamless integration into ticketing tools like ServiceNow.
  • Role-based Analytics: CloudCADI facilitates role-based visibility to the dashboard.
  • Alerts: It has customizable reporting and alert capabilities to give visibility over IaaS/SaaS/PaaS services and assets.

What our Customers say?
“Our transition to the cloud brought new challenges, particularly in controlling costs. Advanced actionable recommendations from CloudCADI gave us multiple options to implement cost-saving measures, without compromising performance. Its clear-cut dashboards, non-intrusive nature and budgeting features have empowered us to easily visualize and manage cloud expenses, allowing us to focus on innovation rather than on budget overruns," says Nick Krmpotich, Sr Director, Engineering, DigiKey Electronics, a satisfied CloudCADI customer.

What is the deployment time?
CloudCADI can be deployed within your cloud environment in 2-3 hours time.

About Amadis:
Amadis is an emerging leader in the cloud finops market helping customers make the right decisions with technology. Through investment and focus, they have honed their skills to identify optimal paths to success. Their certified cloud engineers are committed to make businesses successful by putting the cloud innovation directly into their hands. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. It has its Cloud Innovation Centre at IITM Research Park, Chennai that leverages the master minds from the campus and a Technology Development Centre in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, for its development activities.

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