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Excel based solution for BI and CPM that allows collaboration, analysis and dynamic visualization

Analitica is an Excel based solution that allows collaboration, analysis, simulation and dynamic visualization. Analitica was inspired by the idea of merging the methodologies and the tools to govern the company processes, thus enabling the functional areas to directly manage business rules and allowing the information systems to support the technological infrastructure.

Our technology allows modifying the integrated data from the information systems using simple but safe and structured Excel interfaces. In addition, it makes collaboration between users social by eliminating the use of emails due to automated workflows, which are integratedwith the organizational structure.

Analitica extends the BI functionalities of Microsoft tools:

  • Use of parametric data flows with a user-friendly interface
  • Integration with Microsoft Power BI which allows also business users to quickly create navigable and dynamic dashboards
  • Setting of authorization procedure models at the level of single objects, of Business Unit and of adjustment, which allows to manage access authorizations in an international and distributed context
Such enabling functions make our solution a standard on the market and nullify the amount of time needed by users to learn.