SQL 2017 Enterprise Edition w/ ER/Builder

SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition w/ ER/Builder by Apps4Rent

SQL 2017 Enterprise Edition w/ ER/Builder


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SQL Server 2017 Enterprise Edition w/ ER/Builder by Apps4Rent

SQL Server 2017 on Windows Server 2016 allows to generate popular SQL databases allowing researchers, developers, and students in data modelling to experiment with databases easily with sophisticated data monitoring environment and generating physical data models. The developers can reach robust solutions by visualizing physical model structures for understanding of databases, creating new databases, and modifying, analyzing, and optimizing the solution. ER/Builder improves productivity and simplifies data modeling by removing errors to a large extent in database development.

With ER/ Builder Data modeler for SQL 2017 on Windows Server 2016, you can manage unlimited number of tables. You can also create index, triggers, keys, stored procedures, views, generators and domains. It also possible to generate DDL script for MS SQL Server.

Key features available in SQL 2017 with ER/Builder Data modeler:

  • Data models’ specifics for Data Base Management Systems (DBMS)
  • Model management for large scale volumes, export model as image
  • Visual data modeling, tree view, triggers, options management
  • Define entities, attributes, domains, indexes, sequences and relationships
  • Generate DDL scripts for MS SQL Server.
  • Reverse engineering, Supporting Schemas, connection, and database generation
  • Define views and procedures
  • Preview and print of model with printer setting
  • Duplicate an entity
  • Identifying relationship
  • Many to many relationship

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Default ports: TCP/UDP 3389 for RDP and TCP 1433 on Private Network is open.

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