Visual Studio Emulator on Windows Server 2016

Apps4Rent LLC
Test your Android apps with the best-in-class Android emulator

Visual Studio Emulator on Windows Server 2016

Apps4Rent LLC

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Test your Android apps with the best-in-class Android emulator

Visual Studio Emulator plays an important role in the edit-compile-debug cycle of your Android testing.

Though any emulators can be a good tool to test and debug your Android software, it might not be suitable for code performance characteristics measurement, hardware-specific tests, real-life user experience evaluations, and more. The Visual Studio can be used to find accuracy of the code, eliminate errors, shorten space, test DPI settings, screen resolutions, API levels, platform versions and more.

Simulate the sensors to test the real-time geographic tracking without moving physically to other location with the use of an emulator. The biggest advantage of Visual Studio Emulator is the speed of its operation. With Visual Studio Emulator, you can validate your Android app at a blazing speed without any pointless wait times. Screenshots, audio, graphics-intensive tests can be taken with this emulator. Visual Studio Emulator sets the new standard for Android emulators.

We at Apps4Rent helps you deploy Android Visual Studio Emulator on Azure. Tested by the Apps4rent engineers, the Android Visual Studio runs perfectly fine with Android OS when installed on Azure Cloud.

Key features available in Android Visual Studio Emulator on Azure:

  • Lightning fast speed for validating your apps
  • Strong simulations
  • Device profiles
  • Drag-and-drop installation of APK files
  • Connect to Android tools over Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
  • Deeply integrated debugging for cross-platform and Android projects
  • Familiar languages support C++, C#, JavaScript
  • Zoom button on vertical toolbar
  • Orientation changes
  • Network information
  • GPS settings
  • Accelerometer
  • Power/Battery Simulation
  • Screenshots, SD cards, Camera, Multi-touch
  • Audio playback, keyboard text input


Disclaimer:  Apps4Rent does not offer commercial licenses of any of the products mentioned above. The products come with open source licenses.

Default ports: TCP/UDP 3389 for RDP.

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