Aquaforest Searchlight : Automated SharePoint OCR


Aquaforest Searchlight : Automated SharePoint OCR


Automate the OCR of all your SharePoint & Office 365 documents and Never miss a file again!

How Many of your documents are not findable by search in SharePoint or Office 365?

Studies have shown that 20% of business documents are not fully searchable and won’t be found by SharePoint or Office 365 Compliance Search. This is because most of these originate from scans, faxes or PDFs which are not indexed by SharePoint or Office365, and as a result are not identifiable by text search queries.

Not finding the critical documents your business needs creates several compliances and operational risks with negative business and financial consequences, including privacy breach, legal discovery mandates failures and misinformed decision making.

Never miss a document again on Sharepoint & Office 365

AquaForest Searchlight monitors SharePoint & office 365 collections to locate, identify and fully index all not findable documents using automated OCR and ensuring that all files are fully text searchable. Whether your documents are on SharePoint & office365, in the cloud or on-premises, you will never miss a document again.

With Aquaforest Searchlight you will be able to:

  • Ensure you comply with privacy laws and protect yourself from any risk of privacy breach.
  • Execute your legal discovery mandates efficiently saving time and resources on finding all the legal documents required.
  • Make informed and profitable business decisions ensuring you process all the documents available within your organization for analysis.

Check how many of your documents you can find now!

The trial version of Aquaforest Searchlight allows unlimited auditing which enabling you to determine how many of your PDF files are not fully text searchable. It also allows conversion of a limited number of Image PDFs for testing purposes.

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To run in production a subscription or a perpetual license needs to be purchased from Aquaforest. You will also be charged by Microsoft Azure for the hours the VM is running.

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