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Aquaforest Searchlight Tagger


Searchlight Tagger

Automated Metadata Tagging Solution for Office 365, SharePoint

To dramatically enhance findability, Searchlight Tagger can automatically add metadata tags based on document content. The technical overview video below provides information on the range of automated tagging methods offered by Searchlight Tagger.

Tagging Methods

  • Taxonomies: Searchlight supports the use of managed metadata and taxonomies for tagging.
  • Entity Extraction: By integrating with NLP services, Searchlight is able to assign values for Entities such as Location, Person, Company and more.
  • Barcode Values: Over 20 types of barcode can be recognized and the values assigned to Library metadata columns.
  • PDF Forms: Data from PDF forms can be extracted and each field value assigned to a separate metadata column.
  • Zonal: You can specify areas on a PDF file where you want Searchlight to search for Text or Barcodes values to be added as metadata.
  • PDF Metadata: Both standard and custom PDF metadata can be extracted and assigned to SharePoint columns.

Note that Tagging requires that documents are fully text searchable.

Searchlight 2 OCR is a separately licensed product that can ensure that image PDFs and other image documents have Optical Character Recognition applied so that their text content is available to the tagging process as well as the SharePoint text search indexing.

Searchlight 2 OCR is installed as part of ths VM image and includes the Free Document Audit Tool.

To run in production a subscription or perpetual license needs to be purchased from Aquaforest. You will also be charged by Microsoft Azure for the hours the VM is running.

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