ArcBlock ABT Blockchain Node


ArcBlock ABT Blockchain Node


Deploy Your ABT Node and Start Building Blockchain Applications Easily

ABT Blockchain Node is fully decentralized and uses ArcBlock's blockchain development platform to easily build, run and use DApps and blockchain-ready services.  ABT Node includes GraphQL APIs, integrated Block Explorer, node analytics and monitoring and a suite of developer services. 

The ABT Blockchain Node lets you build or connect to networks, debug your app, or start running online services immediately by connecting to other networks.  

By default, ABT Node includes built-in fault tolerance, automatic updates, and easy system migration if you need to add more resources or compute in the future. 

Node Admin Console
Build and run your DApp, find a DApp through the marketplace or connect to another network and you immediately start getting insights - node status, network performance, node monitoring, storage and consensus monitoring and the ability to manage roles, networks, roles, integrated developer tools including a block explorer, GraphQL query engine, transaction and load simulator with more options coming.  

Developer Ready
ABT Node is developer ready and includes the feature-rich Forge Framework development tools integrated right into the console.

Get started with flexible SDKs, broad transaction support, the ability to connect directly to GraphQL APIs when building your DApp and a powerful CLI. Best of all, you can control who has access and limit development changes when your node is in production mode.

ABT Network

ABT Node can connect to ArcBlock's ABT Network, the next generation blockchain network designed to expand and add new blockchains while improving performance and capacity as the network grows.

Get Started in 3 Steps:

  1. Download or Deploy Your Node: Deploy Your Node from the Azure Marketplace
  2. Start your node: type command "Forge Start" in the terminal and view your console through https://localhost:8211/dashboard
  3. Connect and Authenticate: Your node is decentralized, Run it on your own, or verify your decentralized ID using the ABT Wallet to secure your node. Everything is decentralized. No longer do you need to rely on 3rd parties or passwords.

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