Axians myOperations Portal

Axians IT Solutions GmbH
More freedom for you and your users.

Axians myOperations Portal

Axians IT Solutions GmbH

More freedom for you and your users.

The myOperations Portal is an add-on for Microsoft System Center Service Manager, which delivers a flexible and complete replacement for the System Center Service Manager self service portal and more, e.g. service desk staff and administrators. The portal also allows users to interact fully with the corresponding information, such as resolving tickets, completing single activities or starting new requests for user-based assets and devices. Send notifications to all users with a custom notification agent directly on the desktop. The options to customise the portal for any use cases are endless, because custom defined actions to work items or configuration items are possible without the need of additional programming.

1) Pain Points & Value Proposition

How about features you've always missed in Microsoft System Center? The myOperations Portal is an add-on to Microsoft System Center Service Manager that provides a customizable self-service portal and easy way to communicate with your users.

2) Benefits

Use fully interactive features with relevant information, send alerts to all users, or manage incidents transparently and enjoy your new freedom. The portal is based on real customer requirements and offers you endless customization options, multi-platform support and added value for expansive scenarios.

3) Features

- Simplified incident management
- Flexible view on service request fulfillment
- Integrated notifications
- Modern user management
- Convenient knowledge base
- Easy integration of third-party extensions or other existing customizations
- Centrally stored configuration options

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