Corda Custom Network Map

BCS Technology International Pty Ltd

Corda Custom Network Map

BCS Technology International Pty Ltd

A one-click solution template to deploy a custom implementation of the Corda Network Map protocol


The Corda DLT framework has a feature named the Network Map, which allows nodes to discover each-other and negotiate shared compatibility parameters. Corda open source does not offer an implementation of the protocol this feature relies on. For simple PoCs and development, we offer this solution to getting a functional network map.

Simple Configuration

To configure and set up the network map, we allow you to upload a configuration bundle as an encrypted 7zip, zip, or rar archive.

This configuration bundle should contain

  • A 'contracts' folder containing all contracts jars to allow on the network.
  • A 'nodeInfos' folder containing the nodeInfo files of the notaries you wish to have on the network.
  • A 'certificates' folder containing the same truststore as you would use on a node, and additionally a certificate for the network map to sign with, as per Corda's Permissioning listed at

The Corda Network Map uses the power of Microsoft Azure to simplify implementation time, getting up and running quicker and in the most secure way.

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