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Lightweight, secure data virtualization tool with a robust query engine and best-in-class UX.


Blueprint Technologies LLC

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Lightweight, secure data virtualization tool with a robust query engine and best-in-class UX.

Conduit connects to disparate data sources in real time to allow data access, management and delivery in a single environment without the need to replicate it, regardless of format, location or latency. The tool requires no heavy engineering work to produce impactful, near real-time analytics that decision-makers need to effectively run their business. It also allows users to leverage a super-powerful query engine to access data sets quickly, build custom SQL queries within Conduit and organize and manage all data connectors inside an easily searchable data catalog.


Key Benefits:

  • Make data-driven decisions in real-time, regardless of data platform constraints 
  • Access data stored in different locations and formats across the business
  • Expand data analytics capabilities through data unification
  • Take full advantage of data analytics in any BI visualization platform or tool
  • Manage data in a single environment without having to copy it for each use 
  • Utilize a super-fast query engine to crunch hundreds of millions of records in seconds without additional cost

Key Features:

  • SSL certificates that encrypt data as it moves between Conduit and other tools 
  • Low footprint with minimal install and configuration time in the cloud, on premises or in a hybrid scenario 
  • Multiple endpoint protocols provide streamlined and secure connections to your data (Power BI, Tableau, JDBC/ODBC/Thrift, REST, OData) 
  • Stateless, real-time connectivity enables direct access to data sources through native language translation or by outsourcing non-native queries to Spark  
  • SQL Query Editor allows users to execute queries and view results within Conduit’s management console 
  • Data Catalog transforms Conduit into a command center. It allows IT teams to manage and organize data assets in an easy-to-navigate console and gives users an easy way to locate and better understand datasets 
  • High-performance caching along with Parquet Store query optimization to enable new queries against the cache to run faster 
  • Azure AD Authentication in Management Console will allow Azure users to now have a single sign-on interface via AD credentials. Along with Central Authentication and Authorization as well as  Azure AD and ADFS integrations for data sources.
  • Hybrid/native joins and deeply nested JSON querying in Elasticsearch at scale 

Supported Data Sources:

  • Azure/MS SQL
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Oracle
  • Hadoop/HDFS
  • AWS S3
  • PostGre SQL
  • OData
  • Elasticsearch
  • MS Dynamics365
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • IBM DB2