eID-Me Identity Verification and Digital ID

Bluink Ltd

eID-Me Identity Verification and Digital ID

Bluink Ltd

Scan ID documents, verify identity, reduce fraud, get KYC compliance, integrate into Azure AD B2C.

Need to verify the identity of Canadian users? eID-Me is the identity verification and digital identity solution for Canadian businesses and governments.

eID-Me provides the following benefits:
  • Improved sign up and sign in experience with verification results in seconds
  • Verified identity information with strong identity assurance
  • Reduced identity fraud
  • Password-free multi-factor authentication (MFA) for sign-up and sign-in
  • Integration into your Azure AD B2C application
  • Compliance with regulations and standards, including FINTRAC KYC, the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework, and Identity Assurance Levels set by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS)

What makes eID-Me different?

  • eID-Me is a top-rated digital identity mobile app on iOS and Android with an App Store rating of 4.6 / 5 (1.2K ratings).
  • Verifies identity using real identity documents with verification results in seconds.
  • Over 40 supported identity documents (33 Canadian specific), including driver’s licences, photo ID cards, passports, Certificate of Indian Status cards, and more.
  • Bluink does not store any personally identifiable information for better privacy and security.
  • After eID-Me registration, users receive a decentralized digital identity with a secure digital wallet in their eID-Me app. This digital identity is reusable, allowing instant identity verification for multiple organizations (with the user's initiation and consent).

How does eID-Me work?

eID-Me integrates into your web or mobile application as a login dialog box (see Screenshot 1).

This login dialog presents users with two options:
  1. Enter your eID (for existing eID-Me users)
  2. Don't have an eID (for new users)

Registering for an eID in the eID-Me mobile app

A new user taps the Don't have an eID link to reveal download links for the eID-Me mobile app on the Apple and Google app stores.

In the eID-Me app, the user registers for an eID with the following steps:
  1. Take a selfie (face scan) with liveness detection (Screenshot 2).
  2. Scan identity documents (Screenshot 2).
  3. Submit collected evidence for identity verification.

The eID-Me registration server performs identity proofing to verify the evidence, including a biometric face comparison against scanned document portrait photos.

Once verified, a digital identity is issued to a secure digital wallet in the user's eID-Me mobile app (Screenshot 3). This digital identity contains the following:
  • Identity information (mDL, ePassport, eHealth Card)
  • Identity Assurance Level
  • eID (an eID-Me anonymous identifier)

Using an eID to share identity information

The user enters their eID in your application's eID-Me login dialog. This sends an ID request as a push notification to the user's mobile phone (Screenshot 4).

The ID request shows:
  • The name of the organization making the request
  • What identity information is being requested
  • A confirmation code
  • Approve and Decline buttons

The user reviews the request, taps the confirmation code, and taps Approve to send the requested identity information to your organization's Azure AD B2C system.

What identity information does eID-Me scan?

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Identity document numbers
  • Portrait photo

What identity checks does eID-Me perform?

eID-Me verifies the identity of users with:
  • Identity document scanning
  • Face scanning with liveness check
  • Biometric face match
  • Address verification*
  • FINTRAC-compliant KYC check*
  • Third-party database check (credit bureau and mobile phone billing record)*