Digital Voice Assistant

Born Digital s.r.o.

Digital Voice Assistant

Born Digital s.r.o.

Multichannel AI platform automating unstructured interactions with their customers.

Born Digital AI Digital Assistant is multichannel AI platform helping our clients to automate interactions with their customers. It includes all major channels such as voice (voice assistants), chat or social media (chatbots) mails (e-mail processing) and others. The platform provides full customer insight analytics and advanced graphical interface. 

Business objective of the platform is to increase digital level of contact centres and:

REDUCE OPERATION COSTS by automation of unstructured human conversation

INCREASE SALES POTENTIAL by identification of top sales interactions and intelligent call routing

IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE by avoidance of unnecessary call reasons and prediction model

IMPROVE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION by automation of repetitive tasks

Why we are unique:

TECHNOLOGY: our own products applying latest AI based disruptive technologies

BUSINESS: unique concept and experience with complex digital transformations

CUSTOMER FRIENDLY GUI: independence on IT resources

- PRICING: flexible and competitive pricing