Botminds AI Tender Risk Automation

Botminds AI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Botminds AI Tender Risk Automation

Botminds AI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

AI-powered, no-code platform for web monitoring of tenders/bids and automated tender risk analysis

Botminds Tender Monitoring & Risk Analysis Automation is a powerful no-code AI platform that speeds up the tender screening process & increases bidding confidence for bid teams and tender analysts.

Key capabilities -

  • AI-powered Bid Monitoring - Intelligent web crawlers coupled with pre-trained models to understand tenders, RFQs/RFIs/RFPs, quick onboarding of new tender sources

  • Automated Risk Evaluation - Red flag clauses are identified & quantified at the clause level, tender analysts receive risk scores for review

  • Accurate Costing, Timely Bidding - Increase bid confidence by automated assessment of tenders, bid teams can respond 10x fasterc

  • Powerful Tender Screening - Quantitative and qualitative side-by side comparison of tender documents to highlight extracted clauses; anomalies, errors, comments

Key challenges the solution overcomes are

1) Bid monitoring is manual based on simple rudimentary keyword-based tracking

2) Extracting information from unstructured, tender documents.

The platform has 4 key modules, vertically integrated and available under a single license -

1. Capture - For automated Extraction: Leverage AI-powered extraction of 10,000+ data points from unstructured tender documents from multiple sources (web, cloud storage, APIs, etc.); with the flexibility to configure any number of parameters relevant to your company or business unit; bulk handling of 1000s of tender documents, automated classification and risk scores based on defined criteria, tender types for tender analysts & bid teams to review.

2. Search - For high-precision contextual results: Intelligent vertical search to find, shortlist potential tender bid opportunities with just a few clicks and compare or analyse tenders based on defined bid criteria. SMEs can validate extracted clauses side-by-side with the original document

3. Analyze - To accelerate decision making: Customized reports and dashboards with role-based access for assigned users and teams. Downloadable tender information sheets with clauses & key terms can be generated, that link back to the original document location.

4. Automate - To maximize efficiency and quality: Tender analysts save 80% time through documents sets organized for easy analysis, with deep linking and automated risk evaluation. The time spent to prepare tender information, on an average reduced with from five person-days to five person-hours, with Botminds AI. Comprehensive reports, document views, searches, downloads, and more are available in a single-click and with a no code interface.

The business outcomes we delivered for a leading EPC enabled this solution to secure an award in ISG Digital Case Study Awards 2021.