Managed Detection and Response

Bridewell Consulting Limited

Managed Detection and Response

Bridewell Consulting Limited

Focus on the outcomes and objectives that drive your business and let Bridewell’s experienced UK based SOC deliver a leading 24x7 Managed Detection and Response, built around Defender for Endpoint and the entire Defender XDR suite and Azure Sentinel.

Recognised as a Gold Security Partner by Microsoft and accredited by the NCSC and Crest, certified to ISO 27001, 9001 and Cyber Essentials Plus, our credentials stand out in the marketplace. The quality of our people make us stand out and be a leading MSSP capable of delivering full service cyber and security operations solutions such as Managed Detection and Response to create a layered and robust security architecture, leveraging the industry leading Microsoft security stack.

The Bridewell Managed Detection and Response on Defender for Endpoint or a Defender XDR solution delivers the following business benefits as part of the managed service.

  • Adopt a Zero Trust, perimeter less security framework to support employee mobility.
  • Design, deploy and manage controls that utilise all licensed security products within the Defender XDR suite to maximise your Microsoft investment.
  • Increase visibility and reduce the security gaps created by disparate security tooling.
  • Rapid access to cyber skills to respond to evolving threats, 24x7, addressing the skills shortage.
  • Support secure Digital Transformation by aligning with your business and IT roadmap.
  • Address the noise of false positives and respond to true positives within minutes.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance, brand protection, reputation, and insider threats.
  • Improve the ROI and budgetary needs to deliver an effective cyber defence.

Bridewell have referenceable experience in designing, deploying, and managing the full Defender XDR suite and by utilising the full capabilities, you can take advantage of the following technologies available within your Microsoft licensing subscriptions

  • Microsoft 365 Defender including Defender for Endpoint, Identity, Office and Cloud App Security
  • Azure Defender including Defender for VMs, SQL and IoT

Bridewell partner with Microsoft to deliver security solutions for operators of Critical National Infrastructure and Financial Services.

Using a simple pricing model that considers users when leveraging Defender and assets for all other elements, our costs are fully transparent.

Leveraging Microsoft Lighthouse, we onboard and connect to existing deployments within hours, shortening value delivery from months. As the data remains within your Azure subscription, you retain freedom and ownership of the data whilst providing just the right level of access to Bridewell’s team to perform its activities.

As part of the service, you will receive access to Bridewells shared Cyber Threat Intelligence and continual updates and analytic improvements that continue to drive service performance. Our team can work with you to build unique use cases, correlation, and normalisation of data from custom sources, tailoring your solution to meet your needs.