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DevOps Shield

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An innovative cybersecurity platform for DevOps. Improve your DevOps security governance.

DevOps Shield is an innovative cybersecurity platform designed to secure your Azure DevOps, GitHub, and GitLab environments.
With our cutting-edge ASPM (Application Security Posture Management) platform, protect your valuable code innovation and bridge the gap between DevSecOps and (CSPM) Cloud Security Posture Management.

Key Features
  • Protecting Your DevOps Environments.
  • Continuous DevOps security monitoring and management.
  • DevOps Shield Security Scanner for discovering and remediating misconfigurations.
  • Improved DevOps security posture and reduced exposure to cyberattacks.

In today’s economic context every innovative company must use at least one DevOps platform: Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab and others.
  • How do you protect your innovation against threats to your DevOps platform?
  • Do you know how many “open doors” you have left to close?
  • Are you exposed to cyberattacks due to DevOps security misconfigurations?

Are you a CTO, CISO, IT Manager, DevOps Administrator, or Security Lead looking for a solution to protect your business and secure your DevOps?

What problem are we solving?
  • DevOps platforms security misconfigurations.
  • Each enterprise is responsible for their system configuration and DevOps security governance.
  • Visibility across organization, projects, repositories.
  • Monitor and assess DevOps compliance.
  • View your DevOps resource inventory.
  • Secure your DevOps resources.
  • Protect your repositories and assets.
  • Implement DevOps best practices.
  • Optimize your DevOps implementation.
  • Lower IT and Management costs.

How do we solve it?
  • Install DevOps Shield from Azure Marketplace.
  • DevOps Security assessment reports.
  • Plan and define your DevOps Shield Policy.
  • Enforce DevOps standards and assess compliance.
  • Get advice based on your resource inventory.
  • Monitor your dashboards and increase your compliance.
  • Protect your DevOps by applying auto-remediation.
  • Join our mission to define your DevOps Shield Policy.
  • Shift Left to secure your DevOps.

Are you ready to get started for FREE?
  • Install and configure DevOps Shield from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace in less than 30 minutes.
  • Free version available

DevOps Shield aims to support organizations comply with GitHub and Azure DevOps best practices. It defines and evaluates policies, reports non-compliant resources, advises using enhanced analytics and remediates the findings to enforce DevOps standards and assess compliance. Join our mission to define your DevOps Shield Policy.

An inspired leadership team, Emmanuel Knafo, Ph.D. and Calin Lupas are trusted DevOps advisors leveraging over 15+ years of experience in leading enterprise software architecture and development. We help Fortune 500, top organizations, and governments protect and secure their technology investments. We focus on DevSecOps practices and App Innovation.

Whether you're curious about features, want to see a live demo, or even consult our DevOps advisors - we're ready to answer all your questions.

Our Expertise
  • Application Security Posture Management (ASPM)
  • DevSecOps and Application/Cloud Security
  • DevOps Security Assessments & Training
  • Cybersecurity Governance & Compliance
  • Azure DevOps, GitHub, and GitLab

Learn more by visiting our DevOps Shield website.

Our mission is to empower and protect every organization with innovative cybersecurity for DevOps.