Callaba Cloud Live Streaming

Callaba Cloud

(3 ratings)

Callaba Cloud Live Streaming

Callaba Cloud

(3 ratings)

Streaming via SRT, RTMP and other protocols, recording, transcoding, re-streaming, browser playback.

Callaba Cloud Live Streaming is a flexible, all-in-one video broadcasting platform for streamlining workflows at scale.

Callaba Cloud Live Streaming supports a comprehensive range of video industry standards. It allows to organize any type of video workflow and deliver video to any audience size, anywhere.


Bring the costs down
Callaba Cloud Live Streaming is capable of decreasing media processing expenses such as transcoding, transmuxing, and multiplexing by around 30%.
All video processing functionality is combined into one product and you don’t have to pay for each of your ingests or operations separately.

Streamline and simplify
Besides, Callaba Cloud Live Streaming allows to replace confusing architectures of multiple different services with one streamlined solution.
Callaba Cloud Live Streaming provides a complete video streaming pipeline within a single product and API :

  • Input source encoding,
  • Video processing,
  • Output source decoding,
  • Live video and audio streaming,
  • Video recording,
  • Video on demand.

Callaba Cloud is really easy to integrate into any existing architecture via universal docker, docker compose and kubernetes. Callaba Cloud is a feature rich streaming solution that can handle any kind of video streaming workflow. Callaba Cloud was designed to scale both vertically and horizontally to serve any number of viewers.

Product Summary

  1. Feature heavy:
    • Streaming via SRT, MPEG-2 / .TS, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, UDP, HLS/m3u8
    • Any-to-any transcoding and multiplexing
    • Re-streaming to social networks
    • Cloud recording
    • Web player for any stream right in the browser.
  2. High quality video transmission : HD, full HD, ultra HD, 4k, 8k
  3. Reliable and stable data transfer worldwide backed by Microsoft Azure infrastructure
  4. Fully automated deployment in the cloud (will take no more than 5 minutes)
  5. Simple and user-friendly interface
  6. Well documented RESTful API

Technical specifications

Protocols :

H.265, H.264, Mpeg2, VP9, AV1
Audio : OPUS, WAV

Playback :
SRT, MPEG-2 / .TS, RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, UDP, HLS/m3u8, MPEG-DASH/mpd in the browser.
Watch your streams in the browser and share to an unlimited number of viewers.
Web player supports all modern browsers on any platforms: Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

Recording :
Record your streams to HDD/SDD. You can record unlimited terabytes of content to the cloud.

Re-streaming to socials:
Unlimited low latency re-streaming of your any-protocol-streams to social platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and many more).

Transcoding and transmuxing :
Convert ANY to ANY on the fly.

Embed video on demand on your Website :
Use our zero-code solution to organize video broadcasting in your infrastructure.

Streaming API :
Build your streaming application with a RESTful API. Callaba Cloud API exposes the entire Callaba Cloud functionality. Callaba Cloud API is a RESTful API based on HTTP requests and JSON responses. API Documentation.