Command SaaS Lite: Lightweight Certificate Management

Keyfactor, Inc.

Command SaaS Lite: Lightweight Certificate Management

Keyfactor, Inc.

Prevent disruptive certificate outages and take back control with Command SaaS Lite

Stop Outages. Gain visibility and control in minutes.

Keyfactor Command SaaS Lite helps teams maintain visibility and control of their expanding certificate needs. Without an accurate inventory, you're blind to certificates that may be vulnerable, nearing expiration, or don’t comply with policy. Outages and audit failures caused by expired or weak certificates lead to expensive downtime and disruption.

Start your journey to visibility and take back control with Command SaaS Lite.

Key Benefits:
  • Faster Deployment: Get up and running in minutes and use automated discovery to build a centralized inventory of public and private certificates in hours.

  • Streamlined Management: View all certificates from a centralized dashboard, drill into details, monitor status, and automate alerts to owners to prevent outages.

  • Maintain Compliance: Standardize enrollment & issuance of certificates and schedule reports to ace audits and keep stakeholders informed.

Key Features:

Full visibility: Find every certificate in every location using real-time CA synchronization and network-based discovery across any TLS port or port range and IP address with a public and private CA.

Dashboards and reporting: A full inventory that includes groupings and shows fields like display name, description, URLs, and even custom tags. Automatically collects searchable metadata so you can find the right certificate, fast.

Monitoring and alerting: Keyfactor monitors certificate status for configuration, expiration, and compliance. Set up automated alerts to owners and ensure certificates are renewed before they expire.

Simplified enrollment: Role-based access allow specific users to start certificate enrollment from the public CA. Set up predefined templates and fields to ensure the certificates are right, every time.

Ace audits and keep teams in the know: Schedule reports and monitor your certificate landscape in real-time, so you can ace audits and keep stakeholders updated without any ongoing effort.

Keyfactor Command SaaS Lite is perfect for small to medium-sized organizations looking to start their PKI journey.

For enterprises requiring additional deployment flexibility, automation, CA support, and advanced integrations & workflows, consider the full Keyfactor Command solution.