Strategy-AI for Azure DevOps

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Strategy-AI for Azure DevOps

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Strategic Delivery with Azure DevOps Boards

Strategy-AI solves the disconnected data needs between mid-market executives and the projects businesses use to deliver their strategies through what we call Strategy Profiling.

Strategic delivery has a nuance and complexity that exceeds portfolio management practices and processes all while strategic planning presents you with the complex interactions and cross team dependencies that don’t easily fit into the nice and neat world of portfolio management’s hierarchies currently implemented in business.

Strategy-AI for Azure DevOps is a fully embedded, immersive experience to visually prioritize on strategic factors side by side with the cyclic nature of agile scrum and kanban, while also letting you dynamically anticipate the impact of strategic priority changes - through Strategy Profiles.

With strategy profiles of your teams, projects and staff, you can visualize, prioritize and anticipate resource interactions, reduce conflict and decision paralysis, all while improving time and budgetary commitments. Essentially, a real world solution to delivering on-time and on-budget.

Fully Embedded, single access platform

  • No additional tooling
  • No migrations
  • Drive your strategic delivery from Azure DevOps
  • Reduce your distributed data collection and Excel based reporting
  • Connectable with PowerBI for flexible and deep cross business analysis

Flexibility to suit the most complex cross dependencies

  • Cross initiative tagging means you can finally break free from the constraints and restrictions of portfolio hierarchies

Plan and report both cyclically and strategically

  • Maintain cyclic sprint planning while prioritizing strategically
  • Measure traditional cyclic burn-down rates as well as strategic burn-down rates
  • High visibility into operational work loads and strategic work loads