MultiCloud Management Platform

Click2Cloud’s CloudsBrain has created a level playing field and choices for its users and end customers using a simplified multi-cloud management platform. Now, users can perform migration and save money on multiple clouds.

This platform also helps users to control their cloud spends by optimizing the utilization patterns of their cloud services in order to identify excess or shortcomings in service allotments, so that they can right-size their infrastructure based on their performance target.

CloudsBrain offers users with its amazing features which include:

Smart Key Features

1. Assessment

  • Discovery and Pre-Migration Assessment  
    • Infrastructure
    • Cyber Security
    • DataBase & Apps
    • Data & AI
    • Network
  • Cloud Compare
  • Cost Calculator (TCO/ROI)
  • Cloud adoption planning with timeline
2. Manage & Monitor
  • Multicloud management
  •  Infra Management (VM on/ off, resource spinning, etc.)

3.  Cost Studio

  •  Cost Management & Budget Planning
  • Multi-Cloud Billing
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Alerts & Notifications
4. Migration
  • On-prem /Data center
  • Cloud
  • Database
  • Storage
  • Applications

5. Storage

  •  Manage object, block and file storage
  • Monitoring
6. Containerization
7. Orchestration