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Cassandra Cluster

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Apache Cassandra Cluster on CentOS Server 8.3. Open-source NoSQL database. Single Node Cluster.

Apache Cassandra Cluster on CentOS Server 8.3

Apache Cassandra is a popular, open-source NoSQL database software. It provides high availability while handling a large amount of data. Regular relational databases cannot handle linear scaling, seamless data distribution, and other big data requirements as efficient as Cassandra.

Cassandra was designed as a best in class combination of both systems to meet emerging large scale, both in data footprint and query volume, storage requirements. As applications began to require full global replication and always available low-latency reads and writes, it became imperative to design a new kind of database model as the relational database systems of the time struggled to meet the new requirements of global scale applications.

Systems like Cassandra are designed for these challenges and seek the following design objectives:

  • Full multi-master database replication
  • Global availability at low latency
  • Scaling out on commodity hardware
  • Linear throughput increase with each additional processor
  • Online load balancing and cluster growth
  • Partitioned key-oriented queries
  • Flexible schema
  • This solution deploys a single node cluster and you will be able to add as many Cassandra nodes to the cluster as you need. Cassandra provides the Cassandra Query Language (CQL), an SQL-like language, to create and update database schema and access data. CQL allows users to organize data within a cluster of Cassandra nodes using:

    Cassandra Features:

  • Keyspace: defines how a dataset is replicated, for example in which datacenters and how many copies. Keyspaces contain tables.
  • Table: defines the typed schema for a collection of partitions. Cassandra tables have flexible addition of new columns to tables with zero downtime. Tables contain partitions, which contain partitions, which contain columns.
  • Partition: defines the mandatory part of the primary key all rows in Cassandra must have. All performant queries supply the partition key in the query.
  • Row: contains a collection of columns identified by a unique primary key made up of the partition key and optionally additional clustering keys.
  • Column: A single datum with a type which belong to a row.
  • Cassandra Cluster Support

    Cassandra Cluster Server on CentOS Server support is from Setup Apache Cassandra Cluster on Azure

    Disclaimer: Apache Cassandra is a registered trademark of Apache Software Foundation and is licensed under Apache License 2.0. No warrantee of any kind, express or implied, is included with this software.