Hyper-V Server 2016

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Hyper-V Server 2016

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Hyper-V Server for Nested Virtualization on Azure. Host any OS. Provide DR/Backup. Replicate VMs.

Hyper-V Server on Windows Server 2016

Deploy Hyper-V server for Nested Virtualization on Azure. Alternative to Vmware. Host multiple Windows OS types, Linux OS types and container nested virtual machines.

Virtualization technologies, or platforms, are more commonly referred to as hypervisors. There are several different hypervisors on the market Hyper V is Microsoft's version. Some others that are well-known are VMWare ESXi and VSphere, XenServer (Citrix), KVM Open Source Hypervisor, RHEV (Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization), VirtualBox and other types of Virtual Server.

With Hyper-V running on Azure, you are now able to replicate Hyper-V virtual machines you have on prem to HyperV running on Azure. This provides full disaster recovery and a backup solution to your physical sites.

Create isolated environments using Hyper V, great for Dev/Test environments. You also have the option to create a NAT and give network access to your current Azure VMs to your Hyper-V Nested VMs.

Before deploying, make sure the VM size you choose, is one of the supported hardware types.

Hyper-V Server Benefits

  • Hyper-V supports multiple operating systems
  • Migrate or Repicate VMs on prem to Azure
  • Provide Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup to your on premises servers
  • Create isolated DEV/TEST environments to test applications
  • Replicate VMs from physical sites to provide an offsite backup of your VMs
  • Run entire Windows Server failover cluster environments on Hyper-V
  • Create Windows Server Containers
  • Security - Secure boot and shielded VM protect against malware and unauthorized access to the VM and its data.
  • Support / Documentation

    Follow the post setup instructions on - Setup Hyper-V on Azure