Cloud4C Azure Managed Services - Database

Cloud4C Services Pte Ltd

Cloud4C Azure Managed Services - Database

Cloud4C Services Pte Ltd

Cloud4C Offers Following Managed Services on Azure: Migrations, Azure Iaas, Paas and SaaS, SAP on Azure, Hybrid Networking, Cost Management, DRaaS, Governance and Compliance

Complete Database Management Services for Azure.

The biggest challenge now a days is to manage and protect your database from evolving external threats in the market. Most of the companies are concerned to maintain their data security with minimal level of overhead on system and high availability.

Cloud4C offers complete package of database management with extended proactive and preventive maintenance program with 360 degrees cyber risk mitigation services along with  total ownership of end-to-end cycle of a database deployment life cycle.

Our expert managed services scope includes Deploy and Configure, DB Security, Performance tuning, Business continuity & Disaster Recovery, Backup & Recovery, Database Migration / Refresh / Cloning, Patch Management, Capacity Planning, DB Upgrades, DB Monitoring, User Management. Cloud4C team provides Feasible, Hybrid and Cost Effective solution on database re-host, re-platform, repurchase, refactor and retire/retain migration models. Migrate your on-premises database to any of the Azure database seamlessly while you focus on your application development.

Scope of Cloud4C spreads across Enterprise and Open Source databases on Azure platform. Where tools we specialized are DMA, DMS, SSMA, SSMS, Azure Migrate, Azure Data Studio, MySQL Work Bench, Ora2PG, PGAdmin, Azure Powershell and CLI. Our Risk assessment program for deployed instances enables continuous improvement of services.

We help customers in below areas:


  • Proactive & Preventive Maintenance

  • Database Modernization

  • Database Security

  • Database Protection

  • Database Runbooks