Customer-analytics : 6 Week Imp

Coforge Limited

Customer-analytics : 6 Week Imp

Coforge Limited

Understanding the customer 360-degree with the help of Analytics and Machine learning

Effective business strategies require a deep understanding of consumer needs and preferences. Every industry is witnessing decrease in customer loyalty with the customer becoming fickler and more informed. Today’s customer and workforce require anytime, anywhere with any device access to products and services. With these emerging market trends and demands, customer centric firms must mitigate three key challenges:

  • Tweaking strategies to include new technology into the decision-making process,
  • Managing client expectations with changing environments,
  • Staying relevant to the next generation of consumers.

Coforge’s Customer 360 Solution is one of the most profitable enablers for translating various customer trails into insights. This solution offers a 360-degree view of your customers spanning across multiple channels. The single view creates deep dive insights on customer satisfaction, acquisition, and churn prediction among others. This addresses the challenges faced by the sales and marketing teams in various organizations through a Data Analytics solution to generate “Actionable Insights” from data. The jumpstart accelerator applies advanced machine learning models to help organizations build their customer strategy. Architectural components used in this solution are Data factory, ADLS Gen2 Data Lake, AzureML, MLOP and PowerBI.

Shifting to Real-Time Customer 360:

Discovery & Planning:

  • Objective & Scope Discovery: Set Real-Time Enterprise Objectives & Scope, Clarify Transformation Strategy and Define Decision Support & Prioritization Criteria
  • Domain Model Discovery & Definition: Define Domain Model Construct, Design Thinking Driven Domain Discovery and Inventory & Analyze In-Scope SOA Workflows for Domain Model Definition
  • Discovery & Context Definition: Catalog Workflow Candidates Suitable for Transformation, Map Workflows to Domain Model and Elaborate Domain Model & Define Sub-Domain Contexts
  • Analysis & Context Elaboration: Deconstruct Workflows & Map to Sub-Domain Context, Elaborate Domain Model & Sub-Domain Contexts and Capture High-Level Dependencies Within & Across Contexts
  • Roadmap Definition & Planning: Prioritize Workflows by Sub-Domain Contexts, Develop High-Level Cost & Value Model, Develop Business Case and Define Prioritized Transformation Roadmap


  • Immediate insights and intelligence for driving strategies and product innovation by converging business, operational and market data.
  • Insight driven fact-based approach for defining the perspectives and materialized views for customer, products and employees - the fully integrated 360o view
  • Allows organizations to benefit from the Social Media blueprint for driving more meaningful and predictable interactions with your customers ultimately driving co-created value
Event Driven Engineering and Delivery:

  • Domain Decomposition, Analysis & Elaboration: Event Storming Working Sessions by Domain, Define & Analyze Event Flows for each Sub-Domain, Deconstruct Event Flows to Set Bounded Context – Actors, Commands, Entities, Events, etc. and Prioritize Workflows for Analysis & Blueprinting
  • Event Driven Workflow Blueprinting: Analyze Workflows & Map to Event & Microservices Patterns, Develop Event Driven Workflow Blueprints, Package & Prioritize as MVP and Define Release Plan
  • Event Driven Workflow Design: Workflow Design & Implementation Details and Revise MVP Package & Release Plan
  • Event Driven Workflow Construction & Deployment: Develop, Test & Deploy the Event Driven Workflows, Develop Change Management & Transition Plan, Production & Transition Readiness and Hypercare Support & Production Operations

  • Transitions from the traditional to a real-time insight driven Customer 360 approach.
  • Provide the real-time response and immediate feedback that today’s customers demand by having a deeper understanding of their interactions, exchanges and behavioral patterns.
  • Improve the confidence and timeliness of decisions by alerting decision makers and providing them with the operational information in real-time.