wefresh - Food Freshness and Stock Monitoring

CognitiweAI OÜ

wefresh - Food Freshness and Stock Monitoring

CognitiweAI OÜ

Do you want to reduce retail food waste and increase revenue by monitoring fresh produce?

Cognitiwe helps retailers who need to increase the efficiency of daily operations by supplying real-time insights and data-driven predictions. Analyzing the data from our proprietary vision AI platform and IoT data provides these insights and predictions. These help our customers to improve their environmental and economic sustainability by reducing waste and saving resources, materials, energy, and cost.

Cognitiwe leverages the power of cutting-edge technologies like computer vision, Microsoft Azure Cloud, 5G connectivity, and Microsoft Azure private MEC (multi-access edge compute) at the core to do analytics on real-time data streams coming from IP cameras and IoT Devices .


Fresh Food Monitoring

· Cognitiwe uses machine learning algorithms and future-oriented analyses to detect vegetables and fruits’ freshness status with an accuracy rate of over 95%.

· Cognitiwe analyzes factors such as color, shape, and size to predict how long each product will last on store shelves.

· Retailers such as supermarkets, grocery stores, hypermarkets, bakeries and similar food markets use our analytics to make informed decisions about what products to stock and when to put them on sale to avoid food waste.

Shelf-Stock & Planogram Analytics

You can monitor the products on your shelves with standard cameras without making any extra investment, and you can reach the figures below as a result of the visual data analysis.

· 15% increase in on-shelf availability.

· 25% increase in planogram compliance.

· 35% decrease in out-of-shelf instances.

· 40% decrease in missing online grocery orders.

· More than a 1% increase in overall sales.

· Average ROI 6x

Fraud & Shrinkage Detection

· An area in front of the checkout is marked to determine potential fraud. Every shopping cart that gets into the camera’s angle is detected. The detected carts are monitored inside the marked area to ensure control. The carts are expected to be empty before they leave the marked area. In case any fraud is detected, an authorized person is notified immediately. For such sensitive use cases, Cognitiwe makes sure to work in 100% compliance with GDPR and other relevant regulations.


· Predictive Vision AI Leveraging the power of Vision AI, Cognitiwe uses past data to predict the future. Faults, risks, or shelf out-of-stocks are flagged before they occur.

· Boosts Companies Sustainability We provide real-time and predictive analysis to reduce waste.

· Flexibility & Compliance Works with standard in-store IP camera, no special hardware required. We comply with all regulations, including GDPR.

Why Azure private MEC 5G?

Time is especially important in all the usage areas. In solutions such as health, safety, and security, it is necessary to analyze in milliseconds and send the result so that a person's health and even life can be saved. Likewise, the environment in which quality control is conducted in production is very fast and you must produce results by analyzing within milliseconds. All these analyzes are done on streaming video and there may be delays in normal environments. On the other hand, in environments where this analysis is conducted, distances are too great, cabling is sometimes exceedingly difficult, and connections such as Wi-Fi are inefficient.

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