VNS3 5.x (Firewall Router VPN)

Cohesive Networks

VNS3 5.x (Firewall Router VPN)

Cohesive Networks

VNS3 Network Controller (Firewall Router VPN) for Connectivity, Federation, and Security in Azure

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How to login: Default password is derived from instance name and private ip: "azure instance name-azure private ip". For example, if the Azure instance name is “my-vns3” and the private VNET IP is “”, the password is “my-vns3-”. We do this because the Azure portal does not make the virtual instance ID readily visible. For more information:

VNS3 in Azure allows customers to deliver improved security, connectivity, and compliance while minimizing complexity. Our hybrid overlay virtual networking controller functions as many devices in one: router, switch, site-to-site VPN, People VPN, firewall, protocol re-distributor, and more.

Fully Encrypt ALL Data-in-Motion and Own Your Security

VNS3 supports a wide range of encryption algorithms and connection parameters to facilitate compliance with industry regulations (like HIPAA, PCI, FIPS, etc.), internal requirements, or the demands of connecting parties. VNS3 encrypts all data in motion to, from, and within the cloud using state of the art algorithms, allowing you to control your cryptographic keys. VNS3 extends the capabilities of your Azure deployment by ensuring that all traffic is encrypted between your virtual networks, regions, and other cloud providers.

Unparalleled Support for Advanced Networking Use-Cases

VNS3 subnets can span virtual networks, regions and clouds, easily handling the headache of address overlap. VNS3 also offers the advantage of BGP active-active connections, preferred peer lists, and our high-availability, instance-based IPsec failover add-on.

Customize Your Network With a Plugin Platform in Your Edge

VNS3 is flexible and extensible; add SSL termination, load balancing, content caching, intrusion detection, or other network services directly to your VNS3 instance using our ever-expanding list of partner plugins.

Easy Implementation and Management

Implement and integrate VNS3 with existing network equipment without any new knowledge or training for your developers and cloud architects. Empower your team to do everything from connecting a secure & flexible VPN IPsec tunnel to managing complex cross-cloud networks. Dynamically launch and configure your overlay network in minutes using the REST API or web-based UI. Use VNS3 for free or as a pay-as-you-go virtual network server.

VNS3 supports most IPsec data center solutions: Preferred Most models from Cisco Systems*, Juniper, Watchguard, Dell SONICWALL, Netgear, Fortinet, Barracuda Networks, Check Point*, Zyxel USA, McAfee Retail, Citrix Systems, Hewlett Packard, D-Link, WatchGuard, Palo Alto Networks, OpenSwan, pfSense, and Vyatta.

Best Effort: Any IPsec device that supports: IKE1 or IKE2, AES256 or AES128 or 3DES, SHA1 or MD5, and most importantly NAT-Traversal standards.

Cisco ASA 8.4(2)-8.4(any) and Cisco ASA-X 9.2(any)-9.6.1 bugs prevent a stable connection from being maintained.