Comarch BSS


Comarch BSS


Optimize your business with Comarch comprehensive BSS products

Comarch’s BSS products address the issues faced by operators wishing to stay ahead by offering modern operating systems that support innovation, allow swift provisioning of new products and services, and put the customer where they should be – right at the heart of the digital business.

Comarch provides software that allows telco clients to benefit from first-class customer care, an attractive online sales portal and intuitive mobile apps, at the same time enabling operators to easily manage their products, customers, billing, and data.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for your SME company, or just a way of optimizing your current business processes and/or architecture, you’ll find what you’re searching for in the broad Comarch BSS portfolio.

Key benefits of Comarch’s BSS products:

  • Personalized solutions
Every company is unique, and needs a slightly different approach. That’s where Comarch’s broad offer comes in handy as it can be tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Customer-first approach

Comarch puts their customers in the center, so you can do it too. Deliver high-quality customer experience, and offer smooth and seamless service.

  • Fully digitized experience
Your customers are online, and you should be as well. Manage billing, customer care and service provision through intuitive digital systems.

  • Easy product management
Eliminate problems connected with multiple products, services and offers. With systems such as Voucher and Top-up Management or Product Catalog, managing your offer will be simplified.

  • Swift service and product provisioning
In the digital world, time is money. That’s why Comarch’s BSS enables you to create, configure and launch products and services faster than ever.

  • Security above all
Digital BSS is more user-friendly, but what about security? Comarch has created solutions that eradicate the risk of databases misaligning or miscommunicating.