Distribute offline content to field workers and gather insights about usage and compliance

If these are your pains ContentTap can help

  • You distribute content like documents, websites and media to employees, partners or customers
  • Your users would like easy access to the content on their smartphone or tablet
  • Your users need to have the content available offline
  • You need to know if the content you distribute is viewed by whom at what time
  • You need to know if your users read the messages you send
  • You have important documents that are required reading
  • You need to make content available at a specific time or date to specific users
  • You need to ensure that your users view the latest version of the content
  • Your users should able to locate and access relevant content as quickly as possible

ContentTap is a SaaS solution available om mobile, tablet and web that integrates with existing Office 365 accounts.

For the administrator it is dead simple to upload and distribute content like PDF, Office documents, Images, Videos and HTML 5 packages.

For the users it is even simpler:

  1. Download the custom branded ContentTap app to your mobile device or access the responsive website.
  2. Log in using Office 365 credentials or a dedicated ContentTap account.
  3. All relevant content will be downloaded and be available offline.

ContentTap is a SaaS based product integrated with Office 365 that makes it easy to distribute content like documents, images, videos and HTML to field workers that only have access to a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet.

Who will benefit

If your organization are on Office 365 and have a distributed workforce that need easy offline access to important content ContentTap is for you.

If you are required to document that up to date content is viewed in time by the right people ContentTap will help.

All interaction with content is tracked – even when offline – and the integrated Power BI reports gives an overview of how users interact with the content you distribute.

Common use cases are Train drivers, pilots, service technicians, salespeople and so on

Different pricing models:
20 USD per user per month or flat rate.

Contact us and we will set up a custom trial account and host a 15 minute demo that only focuses on your use case