ContraForce for Identity


ContraForce for Identity


Security Operations Management Tool for Identity Security

ContraForce gives IT teams the ability to scale, grow, and protect their business by reducing the time and frustration spent on Security Operations. Equipped with automated security monitoring, threat detection and response, and increased visibility, IT teams can effectively and easily manage all aspects of security operations.

Users can complete onboarding in 15 minutes or less, then receive immediate around-the-clock threat detection and response that provides alerts for verified threats (with guided remediation steps). Data is delivered in plain English with real-time alerts, AI-powered analytics, and custom reports. A single dashboard provides a holistic overview of your entire IT environment, so data isn’t overlooked or disaggregated.

ContraForce for Identity allows users to quickly integrate with any of your identity data sources. Features include:

  • Automated security monitoring

  • Identity and User visibility and monitoring

  • One-click User remediation actions to resolve an attack directly impacting a User

  • User entity visibility

  • O365 visibility and monitoring

  • Incident response workflows

  • Around the clock customer support and incident guidance

  • Identity visibility and monitoring

  • Around the clock support and incident guidance

Additional benefits:

  • Quickly onboard within 15-minutes or less

  • Simplifies security so you can focus on other areas of business

  • Reduces tedious, redundant tasks (like security alert and incident management)

  • Helps make sense of excessive amounts of data

  • Designed for both self-service use or with a dedicated customer success manager

  • Provides in-app guidance to educate users during manual processes

  • Connect 3rd party security tools with guided configuration steps in minutes