CoreStack NextGen Cloud Governance


CoreStack NextGen Cloud Governance


AI-powered multi-cloud governance solution

CoreStack is a next-gen Cloud Business Accelerator that empowers enterprises to predictably increase top-line revenues, improve bottom-line efficiencies, and gain a competitive edge through AI-powered real-time cloud governance on autopilot.

We help companies unleash the power of cloud on their terms by infusing adaptive resilience, delivering continuous security and compliance, building multi-cloud consistency, and optimizing financial operations.

CoreStack's FinOps, SecOps, and Cloud Governance products embrace, enhance, and extend native-cloud services, enable reporting + recommendation + remediation and provide single pane-of-glass governance across multi-cloud.

Through powerful executive dashboards for comprehensive real-time insights and maximizing velocity, CoreStack delivers transformative value such as:

  • 100% security assurance and compliance
  • Up to 40% increase in operational efficiencies
  • Accelerated cloud transformation through fully optimized cloud spend

CoreStack is backed by patent-pending technologies including conversational governance, service chaining, and cloud governance score.


CoreStack FinOps: Empowers enterprises to efficiently manage their multi-cloud costs with financial accountability through a unified and seamless experience. Additional information is available here: CoreStack FinOps

CoreStack SecOps: Empowers organizations to proactively govern security operations autonomously and achieve continuous cloud compliance with the evolving industry and regulatory standards. It enables continuous monitoring and remediation for assured security and compliance. Additional information is available here: CoreStack SecOps

CoreStack Governance: Provides flexibility for enterprise customers, as well as partners who deploy and manage cloud services for their customers. Leverage CoreStack’s powerful AI to offer optimization and auto-remediation to maximize your ability to rapidly close new business and expand existing cloud business. Additional information is available here: CoreStack Governance

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CoreStack’s license fee is charged as a percent of annualized cloud spend. For customers whose annual cloud spend is less than USD $500K per year, please choose from the Product Plans below. For customers whose cloud spend is more than USD $500K per year, please contact us at