Instant Data Security for C# and Java Applications



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Instant Data Security for C# and Java Applications

Data security is hard. Crypteron makes it easy.

Crypteron is a security platform which empowers businesses with instant, data security for their backend applications.

Add military-grade data security to your application in minutes without writing risky custom code. Gain regulatory compliance, including HIPAA and PCI. Maintain a consistent security platform across all applications and public/private/hybrid cloud environments. Instantly enable resilience to data breaches and a one-click response if a breach does occur.


  • Integrate in minutes with .NET and Java agent libraries
  • Secures all data types (SQL, NoSQL, Objects, Files, Streams etc.)
  • One-click response to data breaches
  • Strong encryption and tamper protection
  • Seamless key management including secure key storage, distribution and caching
  • Multi-tenancy support and access control rules
  • Audit logs
  • One-click key revocations and rotations

How do I get started?

Create the Crypteron resource within the Azure Portal and then click on "Manage" to get started.