Custom Development by CustomSoft – 2h assesment


Custom Development by CustomSoft – 2h assesment


CustomSoft develops custom web and mobile applications that are hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Unleash the full power of your business through one of our applications that is made specifically to fit your needs. Complete our assessment and discover how Microsoft Azure Cloud will help you fulfill your goals.

We develop powerful software expertly tailored to the particular demands of your industry and business objectives, that makes the most of your budget, while maintenance and platform-based customization always stay smooth and efficient. CustomSoft provides high-quality service for custom web and mobile development in Microsoft Azure cloud. We offer you a free 2-hour assessment with one of our professionals to understand your business, your needs, the goals you want to achieve and the challenges that you are facing.


  • Evaluating the project idea;

  • Defining the purpose and desired outcome (current situation, issues, pain-points, objectives, priorities, available resources);

  • Current technical infrastructure assessment;

  • Overview of key areas of software development;

  • Assessment of software requirements and identifying how Microsoft Azure will be a part of the solution;

  • Risk factors identification;

  • Q&A session.

About us:

CustomSoft is a team connected by the shared love for tech. We center everything we create around quality because our purpose is to create unique and meaningful experiences. Furthermore, we work with a wide variety of technologies that make it possible to fulfill your business needs. Our aim is to perfectly develop digital projects and empower businesses towards success.

We have vast experience with developing from scratch and implementing software, and we want to upgrade the way our customers connect and interact with the digital world.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business accelerate and adapt to the current, fast-paced digital world.