GCHQ Security Awareness Training and Phishing


GCHQ Security Awareness Training and Phishing


Assess and mitigate human cyber-risks - scheduled and real-time training and simulated user attacks.

FREE 30 DAY TRIAL The Cyber Risk Aware security awareness platform, deployed on Microsoft Azure, allows customers to take advantage of the cloud, rapidly assess and reduce human cyber risks, prevent security incidents, meet compliance obligations and maximise their R.O.I. on their network technical defences.
Cyber Security Incidents continue to increase in frequency and severity, yet every company is facing a common problem, Insider Threats. Cyber Criminals are actively targeting staff in order to get to systems, steal data and money.
At Cyber Risk Aware we don’t see staff as being the weakest link. They are, in fact, the greatest security asset in every organisation. Our platform measures the level of Human Cyber Risk in a business, mitigates this material risk by raising staff awareness and enables clients to meet their compliance (e.g. GDPR, CCPA, NY DFS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ASD4) and security accreditation (e.g. ISO27001, NIST, COBIT) obligations.

Why do customers use our solution?

  • Assess the level of staff susceptibility to Phishing Emails and SMiShing text messages
  • Assess the level of staff security awareness on any topic
  • Raise staff awareness and prevent cyber incidents from starting in the first place
  • Issue and Track staff acceptance of company policies
  • Automate delivery of training using SIEM alerts - train in the users exact moment of need and not just on a schedule.
  • Upload and issue any training content on any topic. 
  • An Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) 
  • What have been the results seen by clients?
  • Within 12 months, there has been a 92% average improvement in staff security awareness and a substantial reduction in phishing susceptibility levels of 30% down to 2%.

Target Sectors:

Cybersecurity risks affect companies of all sizes in every sector. Our platform caters for small to large companies worldwide. There is NO restriction on which companies can and should be using our platform as they are all facing the ever-increasing risks of cyber attack and must demonstrate that they are tackling the human cyber risk issue.

What is included in the Enterprise Edition of the platform?

  • Unlimited Phishing Simulation's
  • Unlimited Cyber Knowledge Assessment Quizzes
  • GCHQ accredited Security Awareness Training Courses
  • Training Videos
  • PowerBi Risk and Compliance Reporting Suite
  • PhishHuk Outlook Plugin - Staff report Phishing emails (mobile, desktop, browser)
  • Automated Training Campaigns
  • Admin Management Platform
Other platform options include Real-Time Training & Intervention, SOARDphish™ and more.


We provide annual or monthly user subscriptions for all registered users (unique email address). Pricing is based on a per user per year basis.