Cyberus Key (integrated)

Cyberus Labs sp. z o.o.

Cyberus Key (integrated)

Cyberus Labs sp. z o.o.

The Cyberus Key eliminates passwords using one-time tokens delivered via ultrasounds.


Cyberus Key solves one of the biggest problems of any online-based human activity responsible for 80% of data breaches - the risk of stolen credentials. We offer a one-touch, 2-factor authentication system for user identification and transaction confirmation. Cyberus Key’s multi-layer, smartphone-based authentication platform offers password-free login that enables businesses and online users to conduct streamlined yet highly secure web-based transactions.

Cyberus Key’s unique approach results in a frictionless user experience, streamlined customer acquisition, higher levels of security, the end of passwords. We are basing our solutions on Microsoft Azure Services for high scalability, strong security, and rapid deployment to our clients.


User perspective

1. Authenticate yourself on your mobile phone with a biometric or custom PIN.

2. On the web page, instead of the traditional login/password, click the "login with CK" widget.

3. The One-Time token is sent to your mobile app via sound, no need to type anything!

4. You are authenticated on the website and logged in.


  1. Embed the "Login with Cyberus Key" widget (.js code) on your login site.
  2. Configure a redirection to your site
  3. Associate your system users by email or UID
  4. Monitor user's activity, pricing plan with web dashboards.


For the banking sector, we will consider a mixed approach - installing on the Microsoft Server virtual machines in their infrastructure or mixing between local and cloud infrastructure - depending on the security requirements. Building on MS Azure cloud is a Win for the client in terms of security, GDPR compliance, short time of integration, and big reliability.

All the data is secured and customer sensitive information is well protected by the Microsoft Azure Platform.

Currently, we cooperate with customers in areas of Smart City, Smart Homes, Industry for authorization of operators and Automotive for using App to unlock the car and authenticate the user in the car system. Industries in which we are easily applicable and would fill the gap of simple Authorization is Banking, Online Retail, Support systems in Pharma, Healthcare, and Government institutions. We shorter the login process steps to less than half with reducing the identity theft risk and lowering costs at the same time.