Red Hat Ansible Tower packaged by Data Science Dojo

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Red Hat Ansible Tower packaged by Data Science Dojo

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Automate repetitive IT tasks and manage configurations in a much lesser time.

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About the offer:

Ansible is an open-source tool that is used for IT tasks like provisioning infrastructure, application deployment, configuration management, automating daily tasks, improving security and compliance, intra-service orchestration, and sharing automation across the entire organization. Ansible Tower provides a web-based interface that makes Ansible easier to use.

Who benefits from this offer:

Following can benefit from our instance:

  • Team of developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • IT Engineers
  • System administrators

What is included in this offer:
  • Web based user interface dashboard
  • Role-based access control
  • External logging integrations
  • Real-time job status updates
  • Job scheduling
  • Multi-playbook workflows
  • RESTful API
Technical Specifications:
  • Recommended memory: 8GB RAM
  • Recommended vCPU:4 vCPUs
  • Operating System:Ubuntu 20.04

Ansible tower is supported by the following operating systems

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2 or later 64-bit (x86)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 or later 64-bit (x86)
  • CentOS 7.7 or later 64-bit (x86)

Following notification sources are supported in Ansible Tower

  • Email
  • Grafana
  • IRC
  • Mattermost
  • PagerDuty
  • Rocket.Chat
  • Slack
  • Twilio
  • Webhook (post to an arbitrary webhook, for integration into other tools)

Ansible Tower brings the flexibility of the command line to Tower, a user can now prompt for any of the following:

  • Inventory
  • Credentials
  • Job tags
  • Limits

Ansible Tower supports the following authentications

  • LDAP
  • SAML
  • token-based authentication

Tower is compatible with the major cloud environments:

  • Amazon EC2
  • Rackspace
  • Azure

The default port that Ansible tower listens to is 80. You can access the web interface at http://yourip using the credentials

  • username:admin
  • password:password