Datometry Hyper-Q for Azure Synapse Analytics


Datometry Hyper-Q for Azure Synapse Analytics


Run existing Teradata and Exadata applications natively on Azure Synapse Analytics

Run existing Teradata and Oracle Exadata applications natively on Azure Synapse Analytics

Datometry Hyper-Q is an assessment and virtualization platform that lets enterprises move from Teradata / Exadata to Azure Synapse with minimal effort.

Re-platforming applications from Teradata or Exadata to another data warehouse is a daunting task. Conventional migrations often balloon into projects that take several years. When rewriting a large body of SQL semantic differences between Teradata / Exadata and the new destination data warehouse need to be reconciled. Frequently, the differences in SQL require modifications to the original application. This adds risk to timeline and quality. Strong dependencies on Teradata tools such as Multi-Load or BTEQ create additional obstacles.

Datometry Hyper-Q makes existing applications interoperate with Azure Synapse. With Datometry, Synapse “speaks” Teradata and Exadata natively. No extensive rewrites of SQL are required. Datometry emulates all commonly used Teradata / Exadata SQL. Its coverage includes analytical SQL as well as advanced operational concepts such as stored procedures, macros, SET tables, etc. Because Hyper-Q returns results bit-identical to Teradata and Exadata, it provides for highly effective side-by-side validation of old and new.

With Datometry, enterprises can move to Azure rapidly and take full advantage of Synapse immediately.

Datometry Hyper-Q is a complete solution that’s got you covered. Starting with an up-front analysis of the Teradata / Exadata system, it guides you through implementation—all the way to decommissioning of the legacy system.

Coverage: Hyper-Q covers all commonly used Teradata /Exadata SQL, with 99.5% coverage of Teradata / Exadata SQL on average. Hyper-Q emulates the full spectrum: language, type system, and advanced concepts including pre-ISO / ANSI SQL.

Scale & Performance: Hyper-Q is optimized for Synapse to achieve maximum scale and performance. Designed for scalability and resource efficiency, Hyper-Q scales both horizontally and vertically.

Tools & Utilities: The Datometry Hyper-Q product suite includes fully compatible drop-in replacements for all frequently used Teradata and Exadata tools. Hyper-Q liberates enterprises from dependencies on BTEQ, Fastload, Multi-Load, TPUMP, or drivers while providing bit-identical operations and results.

Re-platform from Teradata or Exadata to Azure Synapse at a fraction of time, cost, and risk. Avoid disruption to the business and preserve long-standing investments in application development and analytics. Out-innovate your competition by rapidly moving to the cloud — without leaving any applications or business logic behind.

Hyper-Q Assessment Mode: Assess first so you can move your analytics to the cloud with confidence

Datometry Hyper-Q Assessment Mode is the first comprehensive data warehouse analysis used by the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 to map out the re-platforming of legacy data warehouses to the cloud. Hyper-Q Assessment Mode results in a comprehensive qInsight report that gives enterprise customers and IT leaders answers to all critical questions to prepare for a successful re-platforming initiative, including:

• Assessing difficulty and complexity of entire workloads
• Supporting sizing and capacity planning
• Identifying specific risks and obstacles

Available as SaaS, Hyper-Q Assessment Mode is simple to use and quick to analyze even large and complex workloads in a matter of minutes. The resulting qInsight reports are comprehensive, easy to navigate, and provide drill-downs into advanced subjects. Based on a customer-selected sample workload, qInsight provides the knowledge IT professionals need to decide which re-platforming strategy is most suitable: re-platforming of the entire data warehouse, a staged approach, or the splitting off of individual workloads.

"Microsoft has a great partnership with Datometry. The team enabled us to quickly take data from our system, load it through one of the pipelines, and see how Datometry served that data up." - Rob Wadsworth: Head of Data Engineering, The Co-op

For further information about Datometry Hyper-Q, to request a demo, schedule an in-depth analysis of your Teradata / Exadata system, or for custom pricing, contact Datometry at